A Tough Pill For The People-Pleaser In Me


The one who would be like God must be ready and willing to be hurt by people – a tough pill for the people-pleaser in me to swallow. Still, there’s no way to eliminate rejection from a Roman cross. The fruits of the Spirit will offend both the conservative and the liberal in there time. A fountain of grace and truth cannot help but splash on the sensitivities of society. Inevitably, your grace will be too gracious for the religionist and your convictions too deep for the dissolute. When you make your bed in the culture’s filth you will be called unclean, and when you openly rebuke ungodliness you will be labeled narrow-minded. You will simultaneously be pegged as the drunkard and the prude, wearing, at various times, both the dishonorable badges of legalism and licentiousness.

Just remember one thing: you’re in good company — Jesus – the friend of sinners, no friend of sin

Just as the twelve large jars of water, poured out on Mt. Carmel, were licked up in an instant when the fire of the Lord fell upon the sacrifice (1 Kings 18), so the waters of discouragement, misrepresentation, and rejection will in no way quench the love and fire present in the children of the burning heart! They will go on following in the footsteps of the great Nazarene because they understand all too well what Spurgeon put so eloquently, “As for me, I brave the sneer of men because I fear the frown of my Lord.”

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