Stay there a while

…In our day we just cannot get quiet enough and serene enough to wait on God. Somebody has to be talking. Somebody has to be making noise…I think it is really true that the more understanding we have within our own beings, the less need we have of people all around us. If you do not have anything inside, you must compensate for your inner vacuity by surrounding yourself with social noisemakers….The abrasive action of society has taken the character out of many a man and has reduced him to be just one more thin, shiny dime among all the dimes of the world, shiny from much use and many contacts. He has lost his milling, his design. He has lost all of his proper characteristics….I am not impressed by the active, frenetic soul-winner who has to get out where the action is and ‘make some contacts for Jesus!’ Brother, just get alone with Jesus for a while; let your knees make contact with the ground and do not be afraid or ashamed to stay there for a while (Tozer, 121-122)

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