Running with Joy! – some good insights on disappointment, vision, lasting joy, and the adventure that is life.

Ryan Hall’s response after his fourth place finish in the 2010 Boston Marathon:

Turning the corner onto Beacon Street, I passed the Kenyan runner. I was wondering what was going on up front. I could see Meb but not the other three guys in front of Him. I looked up and was disappointed to see the helicopter tracking the lead runner. It was a long way off, so unless a catastrophe occurred up front, this would not be the day I would win the Boston Marathon… 

I briefly thought to myself about all my family and friends who had good feelings about this race, and about all the encouragement I had received. Having a vision gives me hope and direction, but it doesn’t come prepackaged with a guarantee when it will be fulfilled. I have a vision of running supernaturally, just as Elijah did when he outran a chariot to Jezreel (1 kings 18:46), but I have yet to experience it. Does that mean the vision isn’t valid? No, a vision like this does not foretell the future; it reveals our potential when we partner with God. The challenge is to believe and to act accordingly. True belief changes our actions. Discovering our God-given potential unlocks tremendous power. This knowledge gives us hope as we look to the future.

“…When I hit the final stretch of Boylston, having tested my boundaries, I let my joy out. With my arms spread wide, I “airplaned,” weaving from side to side across the road….

…I finished just two seconds out of third place, but that didn’t really matter. I had won – I had found joy!”  (Hall, 205-207) 

True joy is not performance-based. True joy is found in God alone. Run with joy today! Run with God.

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