30 Things to Remember About God’s Law This Reformation Day.

The reformers did a great work in the area of faith. Christ alone! Amen. However, their ideas have also caused a lot of confusion concerning God’s Law. Here are some good things to remember about the perfect Law of God this Reformation day!:

1. The primary purpose of the Torah is to instruct humanity as to how to hit the mark of life, as opposed to committing sin, which is to miss the mark.

2. The Law is inherently good.

3. God had one plan of salvation of both the old and new testaments, a plan which involved faith in Messiah.

4. The Torah was not replaced by the “age of grace.”

5. Law and grace are not opposites.

6. New Testament believers do not have a “better covenant” than God’s Law. The manifestation is better and has changed, but the covenant itself is the same.

7. The sacrificial system is only better in Christ, as God’s Lamb, as opposed to a literal lamb.

8. If a believer is “led by the Spirit,” it does not mean that he has ceased to be under God’s Law.

9. Someone who is “led by the Spirit” is instructed to not yield to sin and become subject to the law of sin, but, instead, to yield to the grace of God. This is not opposed to God’s Law.

10. Both Jesus and Paul taught that believers should be guided by the Spirit of God into the fulfillment of the Law through faith and love.

11. The spirit of the Law, which exposes sin and produces light and life, is still intended to be at the center of New Testament teaching.

12. Not once did Jesus or Paul stop, or suggest that any Jew stop keeping the life-style prescribed to them in the Law as a covenant people.

13.  Gentile believers do not need to keep Jewish customs as a prerequisite for salvation.

14. Paul’s seemingly negative comments concerning the Law were addressed to two groups only:

– Non-Jews who thought they needed to keep the Law for salvation.

– Fundamentalist Jews who tried to make it a requirement that non-Jews keep the                 Law in order to be saved.

15. Paul’s “negative” comments were not against the Law, but the misuse of the Law.

16. In the Old Testament, the principle of sacrifice was portrayed through animals, but in the New Testament Christ is ever-fulfilling that dimension of the Law as the Lamb of God.

17. Paul, like Jesus, never intended to be understood as replacing God’s eternal Law.

18. Paul had strong feelings about his Gentile converts not having to live by, nor attain salvation through, the Law, which God had given as a covenant to the Jews.

19. Paul kept the Law and encouraged Jews everywhere to do the same.

20. The very intent of the Law is to expose and define sin.

21. The Law was given, not to save men, but to measure them.

22. The Law teaches all believers how to serve, worship, and please God.

23. The Law instructs all believers in how to treat their fellow man, how to develop healthy interpersonal relationships.

24. The Law instructs all believers how to be happy and prosperous by manifesting the power and authority of God’s reign in their lives.

25. The Law is a measure of a man’s deeds toward God and his fellow man.

26. The Law is our schoolmaster, showing us that we are guilty before God leading us to Jesus, our Messianic justification.

27. The law gives us the knowledge of sin and reveals the depth of our sin.

28. The Law reveals the good, holy, just, and perfect nature of God and serves as the universal standard of His will.

29. The Law is to be established or accomplished through faith.

30. The Law is written in our hearts by the indwelling Spirit.

(Notes taken from Yeshua Chapter 3)

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