Blessed are the Merciful…

Blessed are the poor in spirit

Blessed are those who mourn

Blessed are the meek

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness

“…Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy.”

Jesus Christ, the brother of mankind, left the heights and glories of Heaven to seek and save the lost, to show the sinner mercy. He counted his personal dignity and honor as nothing. Reckoning equality with God a thing never to be grasped, and relinquishing that which was rightfully his, he came to earth to commune with the leper, the barren woman, the homosexual, the tax collector, the blasphemer, the sinner (of whom I am the foremost!). He despised the shame that we incurred through our sin, and decided to deal with it by becoming one with it, embracing it without defilement, and bearing every lick of it on Calvary’s cursed tree. He stood by the half naked woman caught in the act of adultery essentially to say ‘I take her side, despite what it may do to my personal reputation, honor, and dignity.’ O yes, and he was glad to bear her reproach! Neither do I condemn you, he said, go and sin no more!

Jesus told his followers, “Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy.”

The follower of Christ must then emulate their LORD in the forsaking of their own honor and dignity for the sake of mercy. The follower will take his stand with those that have been cast off by society. He will dwell in the company of the prostitute. You will find him with the broken, sick, hungry and downtrodden. No practice is too vile, no people too dirty, no sin unforgivable, no place too messy. The disciple of Christ must be found there. In all of these things he has given up the greatest treasure of humanity, personal dignity, because he understands that obeying God is more important than avoiding sin. The everlasting mercy that he has been shown by his Lord is not lost on him. Jesus was not embarrassed to stand by him in his shame, why should he not steadfastly stand by his fellow man in theirs? Why should he not bear it with and for them? Despite what “they” may say….

Mercy, more than that, the Merciful one awaits him.

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