Be Not Anxious for the Morrow (Matthew 6:25-34)

The all-to-familiar paralyzing stabs of anxiety should seldom (if ever) wound the followers of Jesus Christ. Christ himself commands us, “Be not anxious for the morrow!” This command is simply a reiteration of the Gospel. It brings us back to Faith in Christ alone. It tells the disciple to get out of the way, for their self-reliance will lead to their own demise. Jesus reminds us that all we have and all we need are found in Him. He reminds us of our loving Heavenly Father who knows the needs of his children and gives to them without reservation. He recalls to mind the promises of God which never fail and are the Christian’s source of freedom and joy.

Toiling in our own strength and relying on our own work are, then, our greatest hinderances. They are the very formula for endless anxiety. How foolish it is to think that our work or our worry could be sufficient to secure our daily bread for even one day. For, as Luther wrote, “…where God have put nought, none findeth, even though the whole world were to work itself to death in search thereof.” To believe and live otherwise is to throw God off of his sovereign throne. It is to lie to oneself and to pretend that we have control of that which is beyond us. It is only through heavenly dependence that the follower of Jesus is rid of anxiety. “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness!” The answer is found there! Peace is found there! Strength is found there! All things are found there! Fellowship with and obedience to Jesus come first. Faith in Him is the ticket to the carefree life.

Do we not have ALL things in Christ Jesus? In him do we not have access to the infinite protection and provision of the Father? You have help in the hour of need, believer! Take it and it will prove a fountain of life. Accept it and you will find yourself amidst the simplicity of the carefree. Leave tomorrow in the hands of God by accepting his grace for today.

“After he has been following Christ for a long time, the disciple of Jesus will be asked ‘Lacked ye anything?’ and he will answer ‘Nothing, Lord.’ How could he when he knows that despite hunger and nakedness, persecution and danger, the Lord is always at his side?” (Bonhoeffer)

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