The Self-Existent God

Fredrick Faber and A.W. Tozer reflect on God’s self-existence:

Father, the sweetest, dearest Name

That men or angels know!

Fountain of life, that had no fount

From which itself could flow

When heaven and earth were yet unmade

When time was yet unknown,

Thou in Thy bliss and majesty

Did’st live and love alone.

Thy vastness is not young or old;

Thy life hath never known;

No time can measure out Thy days

No space can make Thy throne.”

-Frederick Faber

“Brethren, humankind is so smothered under the little grains of dust that make up the world and time and space and matter that we are prone to forget that at one point God lived and dwelt and existed and loved without support, without help, and without creation…”

“Some people have the brass to think they are bailing out the living God when they drop a ten dollar bill in the church offering plate on Sunday.”

“If the living God had need of anything He would no longer be God.”

– A.W. Tozer


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