An Observation?

Listen to the lyrics of these two songs, watch the video interpretations, and take a look at some of the comments. I’m wondering…

Are we confusing Freedom in Christ with Freedom of Religion?

I may be being overcritical, however, I think this misconception is significant. When we blur these concepts and try to intersect these diverging lines, the believer’s Freedom in Christ is limited and disfigured. Why?

– Because Freedom in Christ is essentially an internal freedom that has external implications. It’s a heart replacement. It is a freedom from the bondage of sin and vain striving. It is the freedom to put off the old self and put on the new; to put off one’s ties to sin and strap on Christ’s righteousness. It’s the ability to enjoy Christ and have fellowship with God without hinderance, to respond favorably to His word. It’s the capacity to forget the letter and embrace the Spirit, who reveals the glories of Christ and the truth of his message. In Christ’s freedom, the believer receives the glorious riches of God’s grace. And, it is this freedom that allows us to Love our neighbor as ourself.

– Because freedom in Christ persists regardless of one’s freedom of religion. The believer, who is captive to Christ and the word of God, finds freedom even in the midst of the harshest tyranny. They find Christ’s yoke easy and burden light even when they are oppressed from all sides. The freedom that Christ offers has never been and never will be subject to one’s external religious circumstances.

– Because Freedom in Christ has no end –its eternal. It transcends the here and now. This type of freedom issues us into glory — into the kingdom of God where we will experience it to a perfect degree.

– Because Freedom in Christ is truth. It’s resulting worship is meaningful. Freedom of religion says its okay to worship a rock or a tree. How misguided! Don’t get me wrong, freedom of religion is a great thing. However, it is a far cry from freedom in Christ; night and day the difference!

I think we’re making a big mistake if the American flag or the Statue of Liberty are our symbols for freedom in Christ! How much more glorious and far reaching is the freedom found in Christ than the freedom of religious worship found in any Country!

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