Prayer Continued

Yesterday, I posted an excellent link (written by David Gundersen) aimed at strengthening our prayer lives. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I assure you its well worth the 5 minutes.

I wanted to continue with the theme of prayer today. Here are some more reflections on prayer that I have drawn from the life of George Mueller. I hope they enrich your daily pursuit of our Heavenly Father.

Conditions on which successful prayer depends:

1. Our requests MUST be according to God’s will.

2. We MUST NOT ask on account of our goodness and merit, but rather ‘in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.’

– John 14:13-14

3. We MUST NOT have unresolved, blatant sin practices in our lives.

– Psalm 66:18 “If I had cherished sin in my heart, the Lord would not have listened.”

4. We MUST exercise faith in the power and willingness of God to answer prayers.

– Is God willing? –> Mark 11:24

– Is God able? –> Look no further than the Ressurection

5. We MUST continue patiently waiting on God till the blessing we seek is granted.

– God wants us to prove that we have confidence in Him and that we take our places as creatures towards the Creator.

Why are our prayers not always answered momentarily?

– The need to exercise faith in order that it may be strengthened.

– God is glorified by the manifestation of patience.

– Our hearts may not yet be prepared for the answer.

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