Hostile Witnesses

“These things were not done in a corner.” -Acts 26:26

I have found considerable persuasion in the truth of the Gospels due to the fact that they were presented to hostile witnesses. The recorded Gospel accounts were circulating within 40-60 years of Jesus’ death, meaning that there were hundreds of eye-witnesses to Jesus’ ministry still alive. The gospels were recorded and presented to knowledgeable, intellectual, hostile witnesses who could have easily denied the truth of the miraculous claims therein. It would have been impossible to fabricate the stories with hostile witnesses still around. They would have just put the rumors to death. Moreover, it would have been impossible for this new faith to spread as it did if Jesus had not done and said the things mentioned in the gospel accounts. That’s why Paul said to King Agrippa in acts 26:26 “these things were not done in a corner.” Essentially he is saying go check them out for yourself! You will come to the same conclusion as I. If it was not true and these hostile witnesses had not seen these things with their own eyes then they would have simply just laughed at the gospel accounts and the supposed resurrection of Jesus’. Christianity would have never even gotten off the ground. It would have been over before it even began. But, what happened? Thousands were added to the church.

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