The Great God of Feelings

If the Bible has established itself as truth, and I believe that it has in its entirety, then we cannot pick and choose what we want to believe out of it. It is either all true or entirely bogus. You can’t have one foot in and one foot out. It doesn’t work that way.

What happens if you eliminate everything from the bible that offends your sensibility or detracts your will (homosexuality, gender roles, etc)? What if you pick and chose out of it that which you want to believe and reject the rest? You’ll have a God who never contradicts or crosses you. Yes, you’ll have a God of your own making and not a God with whom you can have a relationship. Only when you have a God that challenges you, disagrees with you, makes you outraged and struggle (like any normal relationship), have you gotten a hold of the one and only true God. This God is far from a creation of self- imagination.

Truth is truth regardless of feelings/emotions. When emotions are too quickly trusted, we put ourselves in grave danger. We can easily formulate the great God of feelings, which is just another version of us in hidden form. Be careful of creating your own God, in your own image, with your individual feelings and emotions.  take a step back. Feelings can be deceptive, and truth can never be thrown out the window and replaced by them. Truth is truth. It’s the divider between what’s correct and what’s not. There’s no middle ground, no wiggle room here. There’s no “sanctity” in personal choice if it goes against what is true.

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