The Bible- some interesting facts

1. When it comes to the comparison of the Bible to any other literature of history, there is more evidence time wise for the reliability of the Scriptures than any ten pieces of classical literature combined (Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles, the list goes on and on). No one would dream of doubting these historical individuals. Why would we do it with the Bible, which is far better evidenced and authenticated?

2. When it comes to the New Testament alone, we now have 24,633 manuscripts. The number two book in all of history when it comes to manuscript authority is Homer’s the Iliad with 643 manuscripts. Plato has 7 manuscripts remaining. There’s just no comparison. The more manuscripts the better the reliability. Period.  You can hold the Bible in your hand today and confidently proclaim that you have what was written down 2000 years ago. Amazing!

“If the Scripture were a collection of secular writings their authenticity would generally be regarded as beyond all doubt. If you don’t trust the Bible, then you have to throw out all literature of antiquity.”  -F.F. Bruce

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One Response to The Bible- some interesting facts

  1. Eric says:

    Nice. These facts are good to remember.

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