No Time? No problem.

Precious and valuable. Fading and unforgiving. Too often squandered, wasted, and foolishly misused. I’m speaking of time. How a person uses it, determines everything about them. J. Oswald Sanders comments, “The way we employ the surplus hours, after provision has been made for work, meals, and sleep, will determine  if we develop into mediocre or powerful people. Leisure is a glorious opportunity and a subtle danger. A discretionary hour can be wisely invested or foolishly wasted.”

To neglect the importance of time is a fatal mistake. Time is the foundation of life. If the foundation is crushed, all else crashes down. It is like a medicinal drug. When used responsibly it benefits the individual, but when carelessly used or all together neglected it can have devastating effects. “If we progress in the economy of time, we are learning to live. If we fail here, we fail everywhere” (Sanders). Moses understood this and so he pleaded with God to help him “measure his days” (Psalm 90:12). Notice that he did not ask to be taught the measure of his months or years. The Christian walk is a daily one. Each moment of the day is a gift from God and should be handled thoughtfully. It has been said that if the days are handled carefully, the years will take care of themselves. I think there is a lot of truth to that. Everyday we have the opportunity to drink deeply from the fountain of God – – understanding his glorious nature and character better. His love and mercy. His justice and faithfulness. And, the way we spend our time determines all of it! We are all responsible for the strategic use of time, redeeming those things that are importance and refusing the futile. “The strength of moral character is conserved by refusing the unimportant.”  Indeed, “our time is short and the work is great.” Time well spent is a very act of worship.

“I don’t have the time!!” This phrase, too often used by Christians (myself included), unfortunately turns out to be nothing more than an excuse. It is the anthem of the unproductive and inefficient. A better translation would probably be, “I don’t make good enough use of the time I have!!” 24 hours a days is more than enough time to complete the whole will of God for an individual life. period. Consider what J.H. Jowett said:

“I think one of the can’t phrases of our day is the familiar one by which we express our permanent want of time. We repeat it so often that by the very repetition we have deceived ourselves into believing it. It is never the supremely busy men who have no time. So compact and systematic is the regulation of their day that whenever you make a demand on them, they seem to find additional corners to offer for unselfish service. I confess as a minister, that the men to whom I most hopefully look for additional service are the busiest men.”

I hope to add some additional comments and thoughts on time in my next post! I did not want this one to get too long. 🙂

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One Response to No Time? No problem.

  1. Eric says:

    Great post and great reminder. Thanks.

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